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Well, the past couple of weeks have been busy. We had the TQP, then the Plano Balloon Festival and this upcoming weekend is filled with a bicycle event and a PIO table at the Little Elm Fire Department

Contesting and DX

Collegiate QSO Party: 0000Z, Oct 1 to 2359Z, Oct 2 http://collegiateqsoparty.com/

Oceania DX Contest, Phone: 0600Z, Oct 1 to 0600Z, Oct 2 http://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/

Worked All Provinces of China DX Contest: 0600Z, Oct 1 to 0559Z, Oct 2 http://www.mulandxc.com/index/match_info?id=4

California QSO Party: 1600Z, Oct 1 to 2200Z, Oct 2 http://www.cqp.org/Rules.html

RSGB DX Contest: 0600Z-1800Z, Oct 2 https://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2022/rOctoberDX.shtml

Texas QSO Party

The weekend of the 17/18th of September several members of the club participated in the TQP. Some were at their QTH and others, like yours truly, got out of the house. 2 of our members were mobile. The Kens, KD2KW and AC5EZ covered several counties from a vehicle and made a lot of contacts. Myself and Randall (KG5VQZ) went to a location that was the convergence of 3 counties and operated all day the 17th winding down around 1800. We had some visitors who were curious about what we were doing, a couple of hams that were returning from a POTA and the Boutwell's (KG5RJR and KG5ZAU) came out to say hello. Not ham related, we did have a bell 505 helicopter perform a touch an go on the road near where we were operating.

The presentation at the next club meeting will be about the clubs adventures that weekend, so consider coming to the meeting.

Plano Balloon Festival

This past weekend was the PBF and while the main club that organizes the ham involvement is PARK, there are hams from all around the DFW metroplex that participate. The main function we perform is to track balloon activity on the field and if they launch for a flight. This is all related to the safety of the balloonists, balloons and people coming to view the events. It was 2.5 long days, but everything went well, although Sunday's afternoon events were cancelled due to mother nature getting upset a little.

Preparedness Fair

There will be a preparedness fair on October 22nd starting at 9am, located at the LDS church in Oak Point, 8801 Martop Rd., Aubrey, TX 76227 so please go out and support our club participation in the fair. Paul Estes, K5VOP is looking for some volunteers to assist with the fair, please reach out to Paul k5vopcq@gmail.com for more information

Handy Links

Ever wanted to see what hams are around your location, well this handy page maps them for you: https://haminfo.tetranz.com/map

Want to see a county line maps super-imposed over google maps? Here's another handy link for you: http://mob-rule.com/gmap Just move the map to where you're interested or use the query window. (Hint: works great to find 3 or even 4 county intersections for TX QSO party)

If you have any information or news to be sent to the club, please join our signal groups or contact myself Scott - N5FKU secroft@gmail.com

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