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Contesting and DX

This week we're a little light, but there is one event for all to participate:

CQ WW WPX Contest, CW: 0000Z, May 28 to 2359Z, May 29 http://www.cqwpx.com/rules.htm


We have new officers, they candidate list was long and the campaigning was intense. I for one was extremely exhausted at all of the ads we received. The vote was close, but in the end we have new leadership and we should all provide them with all the support they need to make the club successful:

Kevin Braby - KW5KB - President

John Eagin - KG5BCW - Vice President

John Hill - KF5VO - Treasurer

Ron Ford - KF5OMH - Secretary

Scott Boutwell - KG5RJR - Board seat

Field Day 2022

LAARK will be participating in the ARRL 2022 Field Day this year. It is on the 25th and 26th of June. It will not be at Stewarts Creek Park this year, but at one of The Colony's municipal buildings. The address is 6301 Main Street in The Colony. There will be plenty of room for the tower, fan dipole and possibly some other antenna's, but mainly a lot of room for separation of equipment and antenna's. We'll be operating at least 2 stations, one SSB and one CW, but there may be others that will join us with their equipment. Please go to the following document, and enter information pertinent to your participation.

St. Jude Bike Rally

On June 11th, there's a St. Jude bicycle rally that will need amateur radio support. If you're available, please sign up at: North Texas Bike Rally For additional information about the bike rally, please go to: https://www.stjude.org/get-involved/fitness-fundraisers/bike/north-texas-bicycle-rally.html

DFW Hamfest

The DFW area is having a hamfest again!! It is on June 11th and the flyer says it all.......

Download PDF • 158KB

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