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TSPOTA - It's here, this weekend with a lot of people registered to be activators

Texas State Parks On The Air

This is our yearly get together for LAARK to activate Texas Parks. LAARK will deploy to sections 51-53 of the Isle of Du Bois area within the Lake Ray Roberts park. We will be at ~33°22'35.3"N 97°01'34.3"W starting at ~1500 on the 8th and tearing down Sunday by mid-day. We need to know who is coming to plan for meals, but please bring your own beverages and snacks. As always we encourage anyone to join us and invite others from any club to operate and enjoy the weekend with LAARK. Please go to the spreadsheet and fill out your information for TSPOTA.


Elections are coming up, so stand by for more information, but be thinking about a position if you're interested in club leadership. The club is always willing to spread the wealth of responsibility that comes within the ranks.

Contesting and DX

Did I mention that this weekend is Texas State Parks On The Air? Well I will, because I can. But below are other contests taking place although a majority of LAARK members will be dispersed throughout the great state of Texas to participate in our club sponsored parks activation:

JIDX CW Contest: 0700Z, Apr 9 to 1300Z, Apr 10

OK/OM DX Contest, SSB: 1200Z, Apr 9 to 1200Z, Apr 10

FTn DX Contest: 1200Z, Apr 9 to 1200Z, Apr 10

IG-RY World Wide RTTY Contest: 1200Z, Apr 9 to 1800Z, Apr 10

Nebraska QSO Party: 1300Z, Apr 9 to 0100Z, Apr 10 and 1300Z-2200Z, Apr 10

New Mexico QSO Party: 1400Z, Apr 9 to 0200Z, Apr 10

Texas State Parks on the Air: 1400Z, Apr 9 to 0200Z, Apr 10 and 1400Z-2000Z, Apr 10

Georgia QSO Party: 1800Z, Apr 9 to 0359Z, Apr 10 and 1400Z-2359Z, Apr 10

North Dakota QSO Party: 1800Z, Apr 9 to 1800Z, Apr 10

Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest: 2100Z, Apr 9 to 2100Z, Apr 10



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